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"Hard is noiseless. Software is anonymous."

The important thing in architecture is to create a place to spin time.

So who and how do you spend it? Should it be a space with a sense of tension or a place to induce behavior? Is it in harmony with nature? What must be cherished for that?

What is important in art is that there is room to encourage thinking.

What kind of life do people feel? In particular, abstract paintings have different meanings depending on the recipient, like a mirror. The ambiguity and margins lie in the aesthetic sense of Japan.

With that in mind, I make trial and error on architecture and art every day.

Representative of ORTHIO GONAL Nami Kurokan


What is important in architecture is to create a place to weave time.

Who and how spend time in there.
Should I make a space with tension, or a place encourage one's carriage?
Are that place in harmony with nature? What are the things that must be taken care of to achieve?

What is important in art is that there should be room to encourage thought.

Imagine what would a person who has lived a certain life feel.
In particular, abstract paintings change their meaning depending on the recipient like mirrors.
In this ambiguity and blankness, there is Japanese sense of beauty lies.

With this in mind, I am constantly engaged in a trial and error process regarding architecture and art.


Nami Kurokami, Representative of ORTHIOGONAL


Architectural design that values spatial margins, boundary gradation, and the aging beauty of materials.


Planning, production, and sales of art tailored to the space, with the theme of "art that never gets tired".


Design and sale of "tools for beautiful living" that make everyday life beautiful and lovable.

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